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Hello Nataliee,
How did the series end ? Here in the UK I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the first four series with Shannen Doherty in it, but after she left and once Piper's baby was born it didn't seem quite so good and I stopped watching. In fact I don't think we've ever had the full 8 (was it 8 ?) series screened over here.

Hello Mark,

Sorry that I didn't respond earlier. Now during the holidays I have been visiting family and haven't been on the computer. Yes it was 8 seasons. The series ended with the Charmed ones fighting one last battle against the all powerful sisters Billie and Christy which were influenced by the Triad. After this battle it is portrayed as if there were no more evil threats and they could finally go back to having normal lives. When they won at the end of the series, it shows how the sisters are writing in the Book of Shadows about their experiences and lives and how they moved on in each of their lives. Phoebe got married to a "Cupid" and had the three little girls that she wanted throughout the series. Piper was finally able to open the restaurant that she wanted and is raising her two sons Wyatt and Chris, as well as the little girl that she had envisioned back in Season 2. Paige got married to Henry, a local police officer that would also help them discreetly at times and they have three children. The final episode ends with Piper reading these entries to her granddaughter about the journey they had gone on for the last 8 years. It is a very emotional episode showing pictures of old characters and describing how their lives were post-charmed. I would really suggest that you watch the episodes that you have missed online, especially the two part series finale.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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Hi, My Name is Natalie. CHARMED ! CHARMED ! CHARMED CHARMED ! <3 IT'S WHAT I DEAL WITH, IT'S MY LIFE <3 There are NO questions to which I can't answer I know EVERYTHING about this show I own the DVD's and I've seen all the episodes many times. I am OBSESSED with the show and I know all the spells, demons, personal information on the characters, the love lives of the characters, and many more things BY HEART. I have been watching the episodes of charmed over and over for the past 15 years I know every single episode BY HEART. NOW LOOK, IF YOU WANT INFORMATION, I'M YOUR GIRL, THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN GIVE YOU THE FULL DETAILS LIKE I CAN ABOUT CHARMED!<3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHARMED!


I know all the characters, spells, releshionships, demons, and everything on the show. Like I said, I own all 8 seasons on DVD and I've seen the episodes many times. I know all the episodes out by heart, and I can answer anything about any episode of any season. I have been watching charmed from the time it came out and I have re-watched all the episodes over and over again. I know every single detail about charmed.

I have read thousands of stories online about charmed.

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