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Charmed/Charmed - Season 3 Finale "Missing" 2nd Part


Hi Nataliee*!!

> I'd like to say that I did see that chapter on TV when it was aired... many years ago... =(
> But when I bought the DVD of the series I didn't see the second hour of that episode, it was very disappointing... =/
> Then I bought the Originals, and it was the same... even on the "extra scenes" of the last DVD from 8th season...
> Then I looked up on youtube, and those scenes (the second hour of the chapter) is nowhere to be found... I actually even thought I was mistaken about the existence of the second part of the chapter...
> But since Hope is the last one to die... I've kept searching... and today I've searched on Google... and found many sites mentioning the second part of that episode...
> I even found many informations here... and I tried to post on the pop up of the link "add to the answer" but I don't know if it got posted...
> Some guy said that he knew Shannen, and that she (herself) told him that the chapter never aired... which I know to be a huge lie... because I've seen it, on WB...
> And some people said that Shannen Doherty owns the rights of the second part of "All Hell Breaks Loose"... and I do agree it is very wrong for one to hold such an amazing chapter away from public knowledge...
> So... I'd like to watch that episode again, the second part, and also I'd like to show it to my boyfriend and friends... So if you have any possible way to help me on this... Nataliee*, I'd appreciate it very much!!!

Hello Vasiliki,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I have a lot of final exams in University at this point. I have also been trying to find the second part of that episode for a while now and have not been able to. I cannot confirm or deny that it exists because as you said, many people have seen the episode on TV. I am not sure how to help you on this one because I myself have been trying to get a secure answer to this question. If you ever do find a link to this second part, please send me a message and share it with me because I would love to see it!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!



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Hi, My Name is Natalie. CHARMED ! CHARMED ! CHARMED CHARMED ! <3 IT'S WHAT I DEAL WITH, IT'S MY LIFE <3 There are NO questions to which I can't answer I know EVERYTHING about this show I own the DVD's and I've seen all the episodes many times. I am OBSESSED with the show and I know all the spells, demons, personal information on the characters, the love lives of the characters, and many more things BY HEART. I have been watching the episodes of charmed over and over for the past 15 years I know every single episode BY HEART. NOW LOOK, IF YOU WANT INFORMATION, I'M YOUR GIRL, THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN GIVE YOU THE FULL DETAILS LIKE I CAN ABOUT CHARMED!<3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHARMED!


I know all the characters, spells, releshionships, demons, and everything on the show. Like I said, I own all 8 seasons on DVD and I've seen the episodes many times. I know all the episodes out by heart, and I can answer anything about any episode of any season. I have been watching charmed from the time it came out and I have re-watched all the episodes over and over again. I know every single detail about charmed.

I have read thousands of stories online about charmed.

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