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How to Deal With Cheaters/Girlfriend Gave Her Virginity To Someone Else


John wrote at 2009-02-06 02:24:05
What she did is unforgiveable, however this has happened to me (family getting in the way, and acting like a boy she knew was amazing- her parents were religious as well). She did loads to appoligise, but it wasnt enough. What i recommend is saying to her "If you are truly sorry, then tell your family that your aunt allowed me to see this boy, and that i slept with him". I made my girlfriend say this to her mother, and her mother still blames herself haha

roberto wrote at 2010-03-26 00:52:15
im 16 and i wait til merriage to make love and to be honest i wouldnt care if i lost my virginty. thats ok to me.and i want to lose my virginty to a complete also freaks me out on how it hurts for a girl to have intercourse. idk if it hurts on a guy to sounds so painful to me.and you were the taking her virginty. you had intercourse before any one should probably find someone else.gud look dude i know you wouldnt let some girl ruin your life.

roberto wrote at 2010-03-26 01:07:27
oh and another thing is it ok to have sex if your adams apple was once dislocated and now you have trouble breathing some and you cant breath all the way through your windpipe.

scorpionfangs wrote at 2013-09-10 03:55:11
You should have killed her dead. She is even less than a whore.  

clara wrote at 2017-03-17 15:06:41
A private investigator can find out fast because they have GPS tracking devices to track your spouses location. They can get phone records such as deleted text messages. They can monitor their computer usage. The use hidden audio and video devices. They can send in female/male decoys to test their intentions. A private investigator will get the truth quick. for confidential consultation

How to Deal With Cheaters

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I will not help you cheat, so please do not ask me how to. If you are having issues with a cheater or suspect your mate of cheating, then, I can help you deal with the issue. I may have the answers on how to confront and deal with a cheating man or woman. I can answer questions concerning the physical and mental anguish that a cheating mate can cause. advise how to move on from this type of relationship. Or, advise on how to forgive and work on fulfilling a new start. I can also help in recognizing the signs and lies of a cheater. As well, as how to catch one in the act.


I was in a 10 yr. relationship, in which the last 3 years of it was nothing but lies, cheating & emotional abuse. I almost lost my job, my friends and family because I could not let go of this co-dependent relationship. I went through a life changing experience and I came out realizing that I was stronger than I thought I was. I learned that no one is responsible for my happiness and well being. I also learned, that I will make mistakes, I will fall down, but, in the end, it's how I face the problem that will get me through the day.......

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