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Lotusflower wrote at 2012-11-12 21:20:41
Whoever wrote this, you are an asshole. Eventually living a double life will catch up to you because eventually it always does. You can't live the fast life for long before things catch up with you. Providing people with a website on "how to cheat successfully" is ridiculous. Its the rule of life: When you juggle with multiple balls, you eventually drop one..and lose one if not all the girls you're cheating. It's not long until it all blows up in your face. Give it up player, when you gamble you cant win for long. That is the TRUTH..not this bullshit.  

How to Deal With Cheaters

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I will answer any and all questions when it comes to catching a cheater or ways to get away with cheating.


I have successfully cheated in 10 out of 10 relationships without ever being caught, so I know all the signs of a person who is cheating and I also know how not to be caught. So if you need help in getting away with cheating or if you suspect your bf/gf or spouse of cheating and want help spotting the signs of a cheater I'm your man.

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