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I have been tumbling for 6 years. I have gone to 2 different gyms trying to get my backhand spring! this is my 7th year being a tumblr and I still haven't gotten my backhand spring. I just want to quit because I can't move on or up until I have it. I have no idea what to do! and my family is low on money so we can't have more than one session or have privates. all my friends can do fulls and layouts but I can't move up until I have it! and I don't trust my self is there anything I could do to build up my trust?

Well, if it's any consolation I got a back handspring for about five minutes, and that's as far as it ever went. I cheered for 11 years and I couldn't tumble to save my life. Even my sister got her tuck and I tumbled way more often than she did. Some people are just naturally better at tumbling. But I know that doesn't help with the not being able to move up when all your friends can. It's SO frustrating, believe me, I know.

If your problem is a mental block, then you actually might be better off. There's a few things you can do. It'll take a little time, but I promise they work. I had the WORST mental block with twisting down from stunts. Eventually I got over it after I did these things.

1) Visualize yourself doing it. It sounds lame, I know, but it does work. For some scientific reason that I don't fully understand, your brain can't tell the difference between actually physically doing a skill and just visualizing it. So when you visualize yourself doing it perfectly, your brain is actually tricked into thinking you did it perfectly.

2) Think positively. If you think things like "I'm not going to get this." or "I'm going to fall." or things along those lines, your brain takes them as instructions. Again, there's some scientific reasoning there, but I don't know the details. For some reason, your brain thinks those are instructions. Although logically you know it's not the case, your brain thinks you're telling it not to do the skill because you'll get hurt. That's why mental blocks develop. Your brain actually thinks that the negative thoughts you're thinking are true. So even if you say, "It's going to be like three hours before I even throw my back handspring!" your brain will think it's supposed to wait three hours before it allows you to throw a back handspring.

I honestly am always really skeptical of stuff like this. You always hear people say "Oh, visualize yourself doing it perfectly," and I always ignored them. Finally I got so desperate I started researching it. Eventually I found some scientific facts that I have since forgot, but there is basis for it. So give it a shot, and good luck.


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