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I'm a senior and captain for our schools cheerleading team i base and back and every year i have cheered we have had a different coach. This year we have two coaches who have coached Allstar teams. Now i understanding being new coaches to a new squad can take some getting used to but when it comes to stunting our team just can't seem to stick them. We work for weeks on the same stunt and if necessary we even switch up our stunt groups. At this point football season has ended and some of the girls are apprehensive to go on and cheer for basketball season because of the stunting let downs. Any advice?

Well, I've been thinking about this question a lot which is why it took so long to get an answer. It's a tough spot to be in as a team and a coach. It's frustrating for both because you all want to be successful. Is the problem the coaches? Allstar coaches have a very different approach than most high school coaches. They tend to take things more seriously and focus more on the competitive side of things. It can put a lot of pressure on a team if they're not used to this. Now, I don't know your situation, so I'm not sure this is the case. It might be a situation where your team just isn't very experienced in stunting. This is okay, but it's understandable that you're frustrated. Your coaches might have expected something different when they started, so now that they see what the team is capable of they may not be sure what to do. It's a difficult spot to be in as a coach. You want the team to do well and you know they need certain stunts to do that so you push them to get them. Even if you know it's hard and stressful for them, you know they have to have them to compete. It's kind of like, do you just put the team out there with really easy stunts that they can do even though you know they won't win because the routine isn't hard enough? Or do you keep hoping they'll get the stunts?

It's important that a team understands this. It's tough to grasp until you've coached yourself. Do you compete during basketball season?  


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