QUESTION: HI! Would you feel qualified to answer questions about college cheerleading and how to best make that happen for my daughter? I have some specific questions....regarding skills and refining our search. thanks!

ANSWER: I admit I do not know much about which colleges want which skills. However if you want help working towards certain skills I could help with that.

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QUESTION: What I am trying to figure out is this. She is a pretty high level tumbler..working standing full and two to a full....but she's a tall girl...5'7 and 130 pounds. Can a girl of this size cheer at a Division 1 college? She wants to do game day only..not competitive......but wants co-ed. Thoughts? thanks a ton! Jill

You would have to find a school that has a coed team where not all the girls are fliers (some base or backspot). She is big to be a flier since most fliers are around 5'2". But since she doesn't want to be on a competitive squad there may be more options. I'm sorry I'm not of more help. I believe there are some coed teams that have some all-girl stunt groups but I'm not sure they are Division 1. Her tumbling however, will be an asset. You can always teach stunting, but a lot of times tumbling is either there or it isn't. She could always try flying. If she can tumble that well she should have enough body control to be able to do it. I know a lot of all-star gyms offer private stunting clinics (usually for this exact purpose) where you can go in and stunt with either a group or a staff member at the gym to learn or work on skills. Call around and see what is available near you.  


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I can answer questions on partner stunts, dismounts, basket tosses, choreography, pyramids, jumps, motions, chants, and formations. I can answer questions on tryouts, coaching, general cheerleading, etc. I cannot answer questions on co-ed stunts/pyramids or tumbling. Aside from these areas I can usually answer, or direct you to an answer, on any other topic.


I've been cheerleading for 10 years. My teams consistently competed at the national level, placing many times. I've coached for the past 5 years, and the team I coached most recently became National Champions. I've cheered at the Pop Warner, High School, and All-Star levels. I coach alongside my mother and sister who have coached at the all-star level as well. I've been watching cheerleading since I was 4, and I can create routines, give advice, and help teach kids how to deal with competitions. I have a knack for coaching and giving advice. I'm always the coach designated to give the pep talks to the kids before competitions.

I have been living with cheerleading coaches for 10+ years which teaches more than anyone can imagine. I was captain of my Varsity High School squad which came with the responsibility of picking music, writing a cheer, creating and teaching the routine, and making the formations. I have also coached nationally ranked teams for 5 years.

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