hey, Im 5'3 and weigh about 120. When I do a lib, I fall right back down on the other foot. So, I fly on my right leg and when I pull my left leg up for the lib, I shift my weight all onto the left side and I can't figure out why. What can I do to alleviate this problem? Also, what are some drills and some conditioning that I can do at home? Thanks

Well, an easy answer, but sometimes it's not so easy to fix. However it's an extremely common problem. In fact, it's one of the most common problems I've seen in fliers working on one leg stunts.

You have to focus on keeping your foot, ankle, knee, both hips, shoulders, and head all in one straight line no matter what you're doing. So if you're standing on your right foot and doing a lib, your right foot and ankle should be straight and you need to make sure both of your hips are square and centered over your RIGHT foot, not both feet. Naturally our hips are centered over both our feet, but when you fly on one leg you need to switch your hips to be centered over just the one leg. That's why it seems like you're putting all your weight on the leg you're not standing on. It's really not all your weight, just about half. Your body is just trying to stand normally, and cheerleading is really NOT normal. :)

Think about this. No matter what stunt you're doing, your feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and head all need to be lined up. Even if you're in a bow and arrow, scorpion, or scale, your center of gravity never changes. If the stunt is done correctly, all those body parts are kept centered over the foot. It's a tough thing to master. It really is. I started one legged stunts when I was 10 and I did exactly what you're doing. I couldn't fix it. I walked in the next season and got it the first day. Sometimes it's just practice and timing.

The main drill I recommend for this is really simple. Go to some stairs (or something similar) in your house, and put your right foot one stair up. Then making sure you keep your arms glued to your sides, step up so you're just standing on that foot. Do this like, 20-30 times a day (literally). It builds muscle memory and teaches your body how to stand.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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