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I'm joining university this year in late September, and I'd LOVE to join the cheer squad. It's something I've always liked the thought of, but I've never cheered before, I'm 18 which I know is REALLY late to be starting cheerleading compared to people in the US. I live in England, where cheerleading isn't very big at all, and they say that try outs are open to everybody, and most people have never cheered before either, so that makes me feel slightly more hopeful.
So basically, do you have any advice for me? Or any tips to help my chances. I'm fairly flexible, quite strong and I'm working on my fitness (not all that fit, but I'm starting running again and trying to get in shape for uni anyway) I used to do dance when I was younger, but have no cheer or gymnastics experience whatsoever. Help please!

  That's very exciting!  I am not sure for the universities in England and if they are the same or not as an America university but in America the try-outs, depending on how well known the university is, are typically pretty difficult.  I understand that you haven't done cheer in the past which may make it a little bit more difficult, but the dance in your past/history will help you out a ton.  I am also not sure if you have much time in order to go to some tumbling classes and get a much tumbling as possible but that would be helpful, again depending on the amount of time you have, because typically on a college team tumbling is very important.  I know that a lot of gym's here that have cheer have classes to prepare you for cheer and you could go to those classes to get an idea of what you'll be doing so that you can practice.

  Something that I know is important is really, really work on your jumps such as a toe-touch, front hurdler, pike, a double toe-touch and so on and so forth because those will be very important for cheer as well as your motions.  Also, in everything that you do for cheer remember to have facials (always smiling, and peppy make everyone watching you want to smile and get excited that's what your there for!:)) and also be very tight and sharp in all of your motions.  I know that dancing has always been the most difficult part for myself so your past will be helpful.  Remember to always make it look like your having fun.  Also as you mentioned flexibility is a huge part so really work on that.  Depending on your size you may be a flyer for stunts and flexibility is a key aspect of that talent.

  Have fun, and good luck!  Cheer is an incredibly fun sport!  I wish you the best of luck, and hope that this helped.  If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!  Have a good day, and I hope that you will be a college cheerleader in your near future!


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I am able to answer questions about flying, tryouts, practices, stunts, and pretty much most about cheerleading. However Tumbling is not my best factor in cheer, so I would prefere no questions about tumbling due to the fact of: I want to be able to provide you with the best answer as possible.


I cheered in all star cheer when I was 8-10 years old then had to quit due to moving. Then at the age of 13 I got back into all star cheer from until 14. At the age of 15 I was on my middle school team. Our cheer team was the first competitive team that the school had, placing 1st at our very first competition then going to state. I am now coaching cheer at an all-star gym and am on my second year as an assistant coach.

I have cheered for 4 years on two seperate all-star teams, as well as one year for a school team. My school team had two coaches, one of which was a nationally ranked judge. Now I am an assistant coach for a level 1 as well as a level 2 all star team. Last year was the gym's first year having a cheer team. The level 1 team placing top three in all competitions.

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A level one team from last year (placing 1st, & 3rd in their first competitions. Also a level one and level two teams currently.

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