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Since I was 6 I wanted to be a cheerleader, but was not able to even tryout in middle school or high school. So I have no actual cheer experience. I have a killer high kick, extremely straight cartwheel, front handspring is pretty good and my round off is getting there. I am very strong and can lift. I am 19 and all the cheer gyms within 3 hours of me do not hold beginner classes for 18+. I have had friends spot me and I know I have what it takes. But without any true experience will a college even let me try out?
Thank :)

This is a tough question to answer because it depends heavily on what college you're trying out for. Also, it depends whether or not it is an all girl or co-ed team. Co-ed teams take fewer girls, so the chances of actually making the squad are slimmer for everyone.

If it is a competitive squad, they will likely not do much kicking. So if the focus is on competition for this team, I wouldn't use your high kick as your big selling point. However, if they cheer at a lot of games they may do kick lines, in which case your high kick would of course be an asset.

You are lacking in tumbling as many cheerleaders have back tucks or even more advanced skills than that. That is the reason I never cheered in college. However, this depends on the college. My college required a standing back tuck which I never had a chance of having! And I had other avenues of cheerleading to pursue so it was not a problem.

Cheer gyms often do not advertise this, but if you call them you can usually set up private lessons. These are well-known for tumbling, but usually you can pay for privates in stunting, tumbling, or general cheer skills. Prices vary by area and gym, but if you call they will be more than happy to have you come to the gym I'm sure. Most gyms are very excited to get new people in the doors.

Another option for you might be to look into open teams at all-star gyms. Often times they do not have any skill or experience requirements. They will also spend a lot of time working on tumbling so you'll learn a lot in that area just from being on the team.

I don't think colleges actually ask about experience before you try out. I never tried out in college myself, and it probably varies by school, but I don't think they ask. So you could probably try out if you wanted to. But depending on the level of the squad I cannot speak to your chances of making it.

Hopefully this helped. I know it wasn't the specifics you were probably hoping for, but there are just so many different colleges and teams I don't know the answers for each school. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find a place to cheer.  


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