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Cheese/uf cheese bloiwing


whats the reason of uf cheese blowing in summer(other than clostridia and coliforms)?


I think what you're asking is about "cheese blowing".

I think what you're referring to is specific to Swiss-style cheeses that are supposed to have definite eye structure.

These eyes are formed during the ripening process when the propionic bacteria give off carbon dioxide gas as a by-product.

"Blowing" refers to a situation in which the carbon dioxide was produced too rapidly and the bubbles of CO2 have burst through the cheese.

It is from bacteria counts being too high usually, as result of an attempt to hasten the ripening process.

It could also be a result of ambient temperatures simply being too high, especially since you mention Summer.

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Answer 2:

Your second question is above my ability.  I am not a dairy scientist.  
I believe that you're asking about odors from the cheese and how to get rid of them.
I cannot answer that question.  
I would however, make certain that your milk is fresh and pure.  


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