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Can ethanol be converted to methanol? I mixed vodka and tequila with gatorade in a plastic bottle a week ago and has been kept at room temperature? My queation is could this have been converted to methanol? Is it still safe to drink? Please help i would like to drink

Please refer to my previous answer on why not to do this.

More specifically, I do not think that ethanol conversion to methanol would be the major problem.  The issue is in the use of a plastic bottle that has not been tested against both ethanol, sugar and salt exposure simultaneously.

With that said, you do have all of the ingredients typically used in conversion of methanol to ethanol in that bottle:  Alkaline and alkali ions, halogen ions, various organics(both the sugar and anything leeched from the bottle) including whatever was in your booze.  

As most reactions can go both ways (eg if A goes to B then B can usually go to A as well), the possibility of a small amount of methanol is a possibility.

My opinion stands:  do not drink this particular cocktail.

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