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I need to adjust the pH of a Brulin 815GD chemical tank where I work.  The current knowns are the pH and volume.  Currently, the tank is at a pH of 9.5 and I need to raise it to 10.5.  The volume of the tank is 4ft x 7ft x 5ft or 140ft^3, which is equivalent to 3,964.36 Liters.  I will be using NaOH pellets, which I understand to have a molecular weight of 40g/mol, therefore making a 1 molar solution if 40 grams are dissolved in 1 liter of DI water.  I am familiar with chemistry but shakey on the proper equations.  If you could provide the correct equations or direct my understanding in the right direction I am happy to work through this problem myself.  Thank you for your time.

No problem Josh.

Here is a great walk through of the basics:

Read that first, then come back to this:

When you have a pH of 9.5 to start, you are actually saying that you have a specific molarity of H ions:

pH = log [H] = 9.5

With a little algebra you arrive at this:

[H] = 10^(-9.5) = 3.16 * 10^(-10)

This is more H than you want, so lets see where you need to be...

pH = log [H] = 10.5 & then [H] = 10^(-10.5) = 3.16 * 10^(-11)

This makes sense as pH is a log scale and changing the pH by 1 should mean that things change by an order of magnitude.

Now, for your dilemma, the key is neutralize the extra H with OH.  While not 100% of your OH added will find an H, most will.  So, lets see how much we need:

(3.16 * 10^(-10)) - (3.16 * 10^(-11)) =   2.85 * 10^(-10) moles of OH needed per liter

Given that you have ~4000 L, you really should add a minimum of 4000 * 2.85 * 10^(-10)...
or 1.14 * 10^(-6) moles of OH to the tank.  

This should get you in the ball park of pH 10.5.

For several pages on pH:

Take care!

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