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Dear Dr Jeff

Ophthalmology Medical case :

Suppose a patient calls the clinic and asks the eye surgeon for performing the Cataract Laser Surgery at his/her Residence, Will you perform the Cataract Laser Surgery at their residence being a eye surgeon ?.

The patient is ready to bear the extra costs viz travelling expenses, medical equipment transit, Residential House evaluation etc apart from the Cataract Laser Surgery cost.

If Answer is either Yes or No, Can u specify the reasons ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant:

The issue here is one of regulation and credentials, not a technical one.

I can only speak from a US viewpoint, but here is what my answer would be.

I would not perform the surgery at their residence.

Reasoning:  Mobile eye surgery clinics (portable labs) have been around for a while.  When laser surgery first hit the market, most locations did not have it, so many instruments were portable.  So from a technical standpoint, there is no issue.  However, the governing bodies (medical boards) dictate the environment and conditions in which surgery can be done.  So even if I know that technically I am a capable of relocating instrumentation to a home and doing the surgery safely, I would not, regardless of how much cost was taken on by the patient.  The damage my reputation would take for doing something so unorthodox would be severe and may jeopardize my certifications and credentials.  It may even be illegal for me to do so.

This may not hold true in other countries, but in the US it would not be a thing that a typical clinician would do.

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