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Chemistry (including Biochemistry)/Is honey really a solvent?


chris howard wrote at 2009-12-07 01:53:21
surprisingly good and clear answer, however u got diverted with the ions stuff... look into floral books for info on honey mineral and chemical,, as they get the "additives" from the different plants,,,hence the different results on chemical compo...... something i think no-one has done yet : run a full bio-chemistry check on honey..

at least do look for a "results of atomic composition"

herbalist wrote at 2015-04-15 19:29:31
It is indeed difficult to find good info on subjects such as this. But, I will at least add that herbalists (at least some) do indeed do science.

Check out: or the book of the same name by Lisa Ganora. She's great!

Good luck and keep playing with herbs, Nicole.

Suzanne Jordan wrote at 2015-05-25 20:03:55
Au contraire! Some herbalists, such as myself, are both amateur (in my case) scientists and herbalists. I am always striving to get to the bottom of what actually is happening in the body when plant matter is taken into the body. What chemical reactions are happening? As the plants are broken down to their basic elements in the digestive system and further in the mitochondria, what is happening? To say a plant is a diuretic...what does that mean? What is inside the plant that is causing the hormone to be produced to alert the kidneys to produce urine? I am fascinated by this and it is becoming my life's work. I've been teaching herbal medicine for 25 years and the science of herbal medicine is currently my passion. Thank you!  

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