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Hi, I have a friend whom I play chess every time we meet. I admit he's a better player than i am, although I can also beat him a lot of times. But some of his wins are frustrating. I always believe that if you touch a piece and it already landed, that's already a move that cannot be altered, because that's the way I play. He changes the move after realizing that it will be of his disadvantage, and will sure lose. He even count all the previous games we had, and he's very concern of the scores, which I am not because I just play to enjoy.
How can I approach him that I would prefer that the moves should be permanent, even if it's a game, I lost my focus, because on of the strategies of course is to blunder or make your opponent do mistakes and realize that mistake later. I know it's just a game, but of course we also play to win and that increases our esteem. Because after he alters his moves, I lost my focus and motivation, and led me to lose the game because I already consider it as a won game by me.

Thank you.

This is common among non tournament players.
In nationally rated tournaments sanctioned by the United States Chess Federation,
if you touch a piece you MUST move it. If you touch your opponent's piece and it's a legal capture, you must capture it.
The best advice I can give you is that before the game starts, you tell your friend how you feel.
Then tell him that to make things "legal" and no more misunderstandings, the "touch take rule" is in effect.
If he does not believe you, find a local chess club in your area and take him.
Sometimes non tournament players make up their own rules. Which is bad.
If your friend still insists on his way then, I suggest you find another chess buddy.
If you do, it might make you a better player!

I hope this helps.


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