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Dear Zutali

I would like to know the rules for the following in
International Chess Tournaments.

1. If a Player touches a Chess Piece, but the Move is not possible
by that piece, is he/she allowed, if yes how many times in the game or he/she has to resign from the game ?.


A Player touches a King piece, but the king cannot move anywhere
in the board.

A Player touches a Pawn piece, but the pawn cannot go ahead nor can kill opponents pieces on the board.

and any other move which was not possible on the chess board.

2. If a Player touches opponents pieces during his move instead of picking his own pieces.

i.e. Player who is playing with white pieces, picks up a black piece i.e. King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Pawn and vice versa.

The Above incidents has happened accidentally by the player, possibly it may happen when players also have to make rapid moves during time pressures.  

What are the Chess rules for the above ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I've never played in an International event but, I'm guessing the rules are pretty much the same.
If you touch a piece and cannot legally move it then you can chose another move.
For example, if the King is pinned and the player tries to move the pinned piece. It can't be done.

Point 2 is a little different, if you touch or try to move an opponents piece  and it can be captured by one of your pieces, you have to capture it. If it's accidental, then you'd hope your opponent would be understanding such as touching the rook before you castle.

If time pressure, there is no excuse. Part of time pressure is to hope a player does make these kinds of moves.
When I'm playing in a tournament and my opponent does not punch his/her clock, depending upon the rating I may or may not say anything.
Keep in mind these points I'm making is for slow time controls not blitz.
In chess, one time resigning is all it takes: Tipping over the King, "saying I resign" a handshake or leaving the playing room and not returning.

I hope this helps.


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