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Dear Len

I would like to know the rules for the following in
International Chess Tournaments.

1. If a Player touches a Chess Piece, but the Move is not possible
by that piece, is he/she allowed, if yes how many times in the game or he/she has to resign from the game ?.


A Player touches a King piece, but the king cannot move anywhere
in the board.

A Player touches a Pawn piece, but the pawn cannot go ahead nor can kill opponents pieces on the board.

and any other piece where the move was not possible on the chess board.

2. If a Player touches opponents pieces during his move instead of picking his own pieces.

i.e. Player who is playing with white pieces, picks up a black piece i.e. King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Pawn and vice versa.

The Above incidents has happened accidentally by the player, possibly it may happen when players also have to make rapid moves during time pressures.  

What are the Chess rules for the above ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hi Prashant,

You can find all of the official rules of chess as used by the FIDE - the world governing body for chess here:

I know that if one of the incidents you describe occurs during a rated active tournament (using a time control like 25 minutes/5 sec increments for each player), then there is a two minute time penalty awarded to the player who does one of these things.


Len Molden  


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