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Dear Chuck‎‎

1. Can there be uncomfortable feeling for chess players including
Chess Grandmasters if Chess Boards are designed with different contrasting colors instead of traditional/conventional Black and
White Squares ?.

2. Can there be more impact in Rapid Chess Games ?. (Chess Moves to be made quickly by both players in less time).

For examples: Red and Green, Red and Blue, Blue and Yellow.

The Chess rules will remain the same.  

Example : Red and Green chess board.

Red has replaced white square and Green has replace the Black square.
32 red squares replacing the white squares.
32 green squares replacing the black squares.
Red will make the first move.

There will be 16 red pieces and 16 green pieces.

The placement of the chess pieces on the chess board will be exactly the same i.e. Red and Green Pieces.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Hello.  Thank you for your questions.

Many color combinations are hard on the eyes.  The most common color combination is green and white squares.  Brown and white is also very common, as is black and white.  Other color combinations are rare in tournament chess.

Enjoy your chess!

Your chess friend,



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