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Hi Sir, I read what you can answer. But I couldn't find anybody who could give me an evaluation on my play. I recorded my play from a screen capture and the video is fifty minutes long. I'm certain you and all other experts are busy but I ask nothing more than you to watch a minimum of 15-25 mins of the entire video. It would be nice if you could watch the whole entire video to evaluate my play and tell me how I do or what I did wrong but like most people they're busy so I understand. But I only ask if you could evaluate my chess play.

Hello Robert,

I looked at the video and it did not take long to see what the problems are.
From what I saw, you do know how to move the pieces, but you don't understand little things like simple captures.
You made a lot of bad moves in the opening.
Here's what I suggest:
Find a chess club to learn the game or a beginners chess book such as "Bobby Fisher Teaches Chess".
But for now, there are three parts to a chess game:
The Opening: control the center with e-4 as white and get your knights to the center not the edges.
Castle quickly within 8-10 moves to avoid cheap checkmates.
The Middle: Get ALL your pieces in the game before you attack the King.
The End game: use your pawns to queen.

A chess book will help once you get these basics out of the way.
Let me know in a few months how you have improved.
I hope this helps!  


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