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help white to play
help white to play  
can white win in this game?
what should be best move for white to play?
i played Be4 and i lost.
actually i am not a very good player but want to learn also thought Rf7, but dint played that..


This is an interesting position.
First your move Be4, isn't so bad if Black plays Rook takes Knight and you take the Bishop on H7.
But with this line you are down a pawn already and Black's King takes your pawn on H7
and his endgame prospects on both sides of the board are far better than yours.
Rook takes f7  is very interesting but still loses.
Because of these problems, I'm not sure if White can win or even draw this game.
The problem is you have too many weak pawns to defend so I believe this game is a loss.
One thing I do want you to learn is the value of pawns: part with them carefully.
Use them to safeguard your king, push into the center and cramp your opponent.
Each can become a queen or help attack the King. Use them wisely.
Study games of masters and grandmasters and see how they conduct attacks.

I hope this helps!  


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