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Chess/taking an opponent's piece before moving yours.


Chess Scenario
Chess Scenario  
Hi. I have been frustrated with this situation for awhile with my Dad - who is my chess partner. The scenario is this: He's black, I'm white. It's the black's move. He has two pieces that is in a position to capture one of mine. He removes my piece from the board knowing it will be captured and then makes a final decision of which of his two options will do the capturing. Recently, my king (on H3 and bishop on H2)were my only pieces left and a stale mate or check mate depended on who he captured my bishop with (either his bishop (that was on C7)or Queen(who was on D2. So, he takes my bishop off the board but doesn't move his Queen til afterwards which gave him the time to change his mind if he had thought of using the bishop first.

Do you know if there is such a rule that specifies that you must move or indicate your piece first before taking your opponent's piece off the board especially if more than one is in the position to take the opponent).

I would truly appreciate knowing.



I've played players who do something like this.
There are two kinds of chess players: casual ones and tournament ones.
Casual players tend to make up their own rules.
Tournament players use the touch move touch take rule.
If you play with USCF (United Chess Federation) tournament rules,
there is no problem with your Dad  taking the captured piece off the board.
However, once he touches his piece to capture AND takes his hand off ....the move is complete.
I suspect your Dad plays this way to confuse you.
Remember, touch move touch take. If he touches a piece....he MUST move it or CAPTURE.
This takes away all the hocus pocus.
I hope this helps!


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