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Hi Len,  didn't hear from you this Season.  Wondering how you are and if you had a decent year. All the best for 2014.  I don't have a mailing address for you. Can you send it to me? Have a couple of pics for you.
Happy New Year,

Hi Dorinda,

Thanks for your message!  I did try sending you an email a few times to your address but it came back as undeliverable :(  I searched for your name and sent you a message through your business but it didn't seem to get to you.

Can you send me your email address please at the form on this site (which I co-own) as it goes directly to me - the part that says: Name, Email, Message:

I eagerly await your response :)




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Questions about specific chess openings and advice about which opening repertoire is suited to a particular style. For example, the Sicilian Defense is suited to aggressive players, while the Caro Kann Defense appeals to defensive players.


I've been studying chess since I was 12. Apart from a vast library of specialized chess opening books, I also have a huge database collection of games.

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I've been playing in chess tournaments in the United States and Canada since 1972. I've won many tournaments in both countries and I'm ranked as a Canadian Expert. I've also written articles for chess magazines and one of my best victories ever is featured here:

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