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Chess/Checkmate with Two knights.


Dear Howard

Is it possible to checkmate with two knights?


First, sorry about the slight delay----I'm dependent on public library computers since I don't have one of my own.

As far as your question, the short answer is no---but the matter is slightly more complicated.

A lone king and two knights cannot force mate against a lone king as long as the weaker player is reasonably alert.  The defensive task that the weaker player faces is actually EXTREMELY simple !  Just keep his king out of the corners, and he'll have no problem holding the draw. In fact, even an outright beginner could hold the draw.  It's really very, very simple.

Granted, this question does confuse people because if you get out a board and those four pieces, you CAN set up positions where the lone king is mated. But, forcing such a position is impossible unless the weaker side is an outright idiot.

Thus, the answer to your question (to repeat) is no.

By the way, such a position did come close to occurring in Game 8 of the 1981 world championship match between Karpov and Korchnoi.  I'm pretty familiar with that position.  The two players agreed to a draw because this situation was just a few moves from occurring, but Karpov (who would have had the two knights) knew better than to try to win.

Hope this helps !



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