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Chess/Checkmate with Bishop and Knight.


Dear Len

1 Is it possible to checkmate with one Knight and one Bishop?
2 If yes, the checkmate is possible with Bishop check?
3 If yes, the checkmate is possible with Knight check?


Hi Prashant,

This is a good checkmate to know to see how the Bishop and knight can work together, though in 44 years of tournament chess - I've only had in occur once.  Therefore, it's extremely rare.  The answers to your questions are:

1. Yes and it can be forced.
2. Yes as in the forcing sequence, the Bishop checks for mate.
3. I haven't seen any mates which occur when the Knight checks.  In any event, it cannot be forced with best play from the side with the lone King.

Here's some resources for you to learn this checkmate:

You can actually practice the mate on your own at this site:


Len Molden


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