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78rat wrote at 2006-11-22 07:38:49
In 1957 Chevrolet did build a sedan delivery with windows all the way around.    They build 92 of them for the dept of agriculture and dept of forestry.    It is the rarest model made of the 57 chevrolet, the regular sedan delivery being the second rarest, if you do not count the Marroco which was a design excercise.

The one I own has the maintenance logs from the dept of agriculture still in the glove box.  It has absolutely no options at all, pure bare bones commercial vehicle.   No arm rests, no radio, straight six, three speed plain jane.   It is my next project and will be built to original specs.   I know this is late, but hope it helps.

tardisi wrote at 2006-12-11 03:56:47
Hey 78rat!!!!!

I have a 57 window-delivery too!

Yep, it's an ex-dept-of-forestry (I think) car.

Still has the original ugly drab-green paint.

57glassdelivery wrote at 2006-12-26 19:17:32
I just bought a '57 glass delivery. I have done alot of research and believe there were more of these made than 92. The reasons I think this are 1) your 2 make 10 i know of

2) I have also read that the company that did these special vehicle did as many as 300 vehicles but not exclusively deliverys. This company is said to have also produced Chevy's COPO vehicles. It is hard to believe, though not impossible, that 10 out of 92 are accounted for.  

Jerry Gary wrote at 2007-11-26 18:13:59
I have a window delivery but what makes mine

unique is it was special ordered with roll down

side glass. I never seen one before. The car was

originally black onyx 283 3Speed. Data plate

says SPL SPL for the options.


Dennis wrote at 2008-08-16 15:16:51
Last year I purchased a '57 windowed sedan delivery too.  The car had been built in New York and shipped directly to Chile, where it remained until the owner died and his son brought it back to the US and I bought it.  It still has the six cylinder motor and the three speed on the column, but it also has Bel Air side trim and dash which appears to be from the factory along with a back seat.  I thought that I had bought a 2 door wagon until I looked up the VIN number.  I think that there are probably more than 92 windowed Sedan Deliverys too.

78rat wrote at 2009-04-28 15:24:56
Could be more than 92 originally built, that is just the number that has been put out there by many different sources.   There were few built, that we know.   They are easy to spot because they have the one piece rear door (sedan delivery door) that swings up, no delivery's we built with the two piece rear door.   Also, as far as I know they all had sedan delivery side trim, which is one long spear ending on the doors and no rear seat, just a cargo floor with covered storage area behind the front seats.    I have never heard of one with a rear seat or bel-air trim as Dennis wrote of above.   Dennis does that vehicle have the one piece rear door?

Craig wrote at 2012-02-06 15:29:18
I have one in the barn. Bought it in 1977 for $100 thinking it was a 150 Handyman then like others discovered the sedan delivery rear door and the SD VIN...

Mine is military green just glossy not drab and paint is original.

Several SPL 's on cowl tag... and US Deptartment of Agriculture State of Texas on both doors.

I've heard that they also sold some to the US Navy and the TVA.

Watch the ending of "North by Northwest" for a 55 example used as an ambulance and a sloppy error in a switch for a handyman... how did the read door magically change Hitchcock?

Mike wrote at 2013-08-20 18:45:58
So here is one more of the window sedan delivery still around.

I have an original oynx black V-8 3spd 1 of the 92 Sedan Delivery's with SP on the tag.

When I first saw the car many years before I became the owner it said: "State of Alaska" "Dept. of Interior" on the doors.

Just finishing up a complete body off restoration on the car, paint in black laquer.

Travis wrote at 2015-04-19 19:00:13
I just picked up a 57 window delivery that still has original paint (black) and stenciling on the doors from Dept of Interior-Bureau of Indian Affairs.  It was one of 2 that were used on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation (North Dakota) and sold at auction in the mid 60s.  The second one was last seen in the stack of cars to be crushed at a local junkyard in the mid 80s.  This one was driven home after the auction, eng pulled to be used in a pickup and parked in a field for 25 years.  My friend ended up buying it and storing it for another 25 years.  I have an original 57 283 to put in it and am going to drive it as is (going to see about having the paint "sealed" to keep it from getting worse-not horrible now but was never stored inside).  


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