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Chevrolet/1957 conv steering column


Bob wrote at 2013-01-25 06:36:30
Hey Ted

I have one of these cars and have similar problems. There is a metal bracket on the outside of the column that is held on with two small bolts. The bracket forces you to pull shift level towards yourself to engage it into both reverse and in park. It takes two people to adjust this. One to hold and tighten the bracket from the engine compartment and another person to move the shift lever from the drivers seat.THis bracket is available at a number of aftermarket Tri-five parts dealers. I have had some good sucess with Cliffs Chevy in Portland Oregon...




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Roger J.M. Warrington


I can help you with most standard type things from 1955 chevys up to around 1975 (1975)>> chevys in differnt areas. engine work heads-cams-trannys-drive train-brakes-some elect. dos and donts. PS UP TO 1975 !! !!!!!!!!!!! I will try with any others after that date. state up to 1975 but I still get 2006-007 etc. I guess you do not read this far ! !


All i can remember growing up is working on cars and making them loud and fast , and when i started to make money i would sink all of it into my cars so i could get them to go faster and look great. what else is there !I would love a challange to trouble shoot, as it is fun finding what is wrong when all others can not .ON the older cars not past 1975s , etc. so please I will try to help with the newer cars but do not grade me bad if I can not help your 2006 car.etc.

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