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Chevrolet/1997 Cavalier starts then dies right away


smokingallowed wrote at 2009-10-11 23:15:50
On this 97 Cavalier, pulling the wheel is not necessary. To pull the key lock, remove the top half of the steering column trim cover(it is held on by clips and just pulls off), unscrew the tilt lever, then remove the three 7mm screws on the bottom half of the cover(on the bottom of the column).Then unplug the key lock 3-wire connector. Rotate the key to the run position. Now, on the back side of the key lock there is a little shinny square release button you have to push in with a little screw driver or punch or coat hanger of some sort. Now push,pull, or wiggle the key lock while holding in the release button, it will slide right out. The ignition switch is strait across from the key lock and is mounted with two male star screws so you will need a socket to fit, my socket size is E4. It pulls strait off(practically fell off). The cluster involves a few more screws. Here is where they are...One Phillips screw on top of the dash in the vent on top,then two 7mm screws are where that vent WAS. Now open the doors, pop off the sides of the dash with your little screw driver,there are one on each side. Now open the glove box,there are three along the top of the glove box and two shinny gold looking screws up in a hole in the roof of the glove box(don't drop those two). That are all the screws holding on the top dash piece.Carefully(starting on the drivers side)lift the front edge of the dash top up all the way across then lift out on it and remove it from the car. With that gone,there are three screws on the instrument cluster bezel. Two of them on top and one on the side(but you have already removed the one on the side,remember) this trim piece is held on with clips now. Carefully pull out on the trim until you release all the mounting points free. Now you can see it is still plugged in,just unplug it and remove it from the car. We are now at the cluster...unplug the two plugins on the top of it and the two screws on the top of it and lift it strait up and out of the car. So the tools needed...small screw driver(key lock release button)...phillips head(top dash vent) 7mm socket w/nutdriver(trim screws) and that star E4 socket(ignition switch). But be careful these plastic pieces are brittle and old so if something breaks don't worry about it,just keep on going,you got bigger fish to fry.

fastdave wrote at 2012-11-22 07:59:23
u dont need to pull the steering wheel on this one just turn the key to on position and on the  side of of the key drum housing it has a buton that u push in and it pops right out  


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