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Chevrolet/1998 Malibu trunk leak


MIKE wrote at 2009-08-07 00:47:25
Have the same problem with mine.  I found that it was acttualy leaking around the outside of the vent.  I was told by an auto body person that it is very common and can even be caused by a slight hit on th bumper that will not even leave a scratch.  I pushed it out and sealed around it an the problem went away for the most part.  once in a while if i drive in heavy rain it will feel a little wet.

My2Cents wrote at 2013-01-02 00:19:40
The vent is a good place too look. After surfing the internet to resolve my problem I looked to the passenger side vent in muy trunk. Mine was okay, it turned out about 9 inches of the factory seems sealer where the trunk meets the body panelling had detoriated and was allowing water in. An additional 2 inches of seem sealer on the passenger side of the trunk (near weatherstriping) had failed as well. This was the only place not covered up by the tail light or carpet that you can see my repair job. Ohh well, at least with the trunk closed you don't see it. I purchased a quality seem sealer from a local body shop, I think most major stores cary the good brands as well. Just wanted to add my 2 cents to help others surfing the internet looking for the same answer. Also thanks to those who did post so I lead me in the right direction.  


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