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Chevrolet/327 vs 350


Dan Meek wrote at 2006-09-09 02:27:46
I have a good story for you and an answer to your question. a friend had a locked up 327 and was going to scrap it out, Instead he gave it to me.

  we took off the oil pan and found it to be a four bolt main, difinately not a 327. one of the main bearing welded itself to the crank; but other than that it was perfect GM good wrench motor with less than two thousand miles.

  I bought a 327 crank kit and have a wonderful engine, so you can make yourself a 327. GO FOR IT.


joseph wrote at 2007-07-14 05:31:58
hey joe,the 327 is a great engine!i own two,one early small journal and a late.the small journal is 40 over and has gm performance vortec heads and all the other goodies! its in my chevy vega,its almost scary fast!the other is a spare.if you  ever plan on building one you should keep your eyes open because can still find deals. always check the boar size!

Infernal Combustion wrote at 2007-12-11 23:41:13
There were two different 327 blocks produced...those with the small 2.300" main bearings and those post 1967 with large 2.45" main bearings. The 350 and 327 share the same bore.

So, in order to make a "350" block into a 327 one must find a crankshaft with the 327's 3.25" stroke and 2.45 main journals. These were factory produced but in today's aftermarket better cranks can be found.

Every large manufactuer of crankshafts produces a large bearing (2.45") 327 crank available in a variety of different materials. Alternatively, you can use a small journal (2.30") 327 crank in conjunction with oversized bearings in a large bearing block to make up the differences (warning: I'd quesiton the ultimate durability of this option.)

To make a real screamer, a +.030" or +.060" over will yield a 331 and 336 respectfully. They love the upper RPM range. Have fun!

QuarterMileMagic wrote at 2008-04-12 07:11:32
If you have a 350 and you want to build a 327 its pretty simple. Find a 305 crank and put it in your 350 block.  Now you will need a set of pistons for a  327 easy to find through any major mail order speed shop.  The piston pin on the 327 piston is lower than the 350 piston pin compensating for the stroke difference even though they both have a 4.00" bore and 5.7" connecting rod.  I hope this helps you out.

ratman wrote at 2009-04-19 04:00:29
quartermilemagic is off a little a 305 crank and a 350 crank are the putting one in a 350 will not make a need a 3.25 stroke large journal crank to make a 327.

doshombre wrote at 2012-09-21 17:14:05
correct a 305 crank is a 3.48 stroke or the same crank as a 350. find a 3.25 crank to make a 327

Jeffrey H. Hodson wrote at 2013-05-11 12:46:34
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