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Chevrolet/AC DELCO Unlock Codes


Gigi wrote at 2007-03-26 23:04:16
To clear up any confusion, I held the HR button UNTIL IT CHANGED OVER TO 4 DIGITS, then entered the first 2 digits, press MIN button and entered the last two digits. This worked like a charm.  This is my 3rd time losing power to the radio in my Tahoe in 2 months and no one can figure out why.  But the dealer fixed it twice for free, but would have probably charged this go round. And the dealer code is legit!  Thanks a bunch!

FDaniels wrote at 2009-02-04 00:26:26
Note:  If your 4-digit code begins with "0", for example, 0765, you only enter the 7 with the hour button and 65 with the minute button.

manny wrote at 2009-05-10 00:23:00
thank you for  the  help it  was  great  thank you so much  you save  me  lot  of  money  and   a big  headache

highstylemotoring wrote at 2009-05-18 22:50:36
When you press the dealer code number, follow it with the star (*) key - not the pound sign (#). For radios with no "SET" button, use the "Hour" button to set the first two numbers of the four digit code and the "Seconds" button for the last two and then hit the Am/Fm button. At this point "SEC" should be displayed. Turn on the power to the radio and get ready to rock!

Brenda wrote at 2010-04-25 22:23:55
If your code starts with 0 use only the second number with the H button then press the M to put in the next two numbers.

Korfam wrote at 2010-08-14 00:37:26
Great my radio working again after the shop had disconnected the battery.  Only thing I'd add is that on my '98 Buick Century, I had to do the "minute" button first, then the "hr" button in step 5.  Otherwise the numerals don't make sense. When calling the 1-800 number, I was prompted to enter a "1,2,3,or 4" need to enter 620529# at that point.  Thanks for posting...the GM dealer had told me my radio was simply defective.  

SycoPhreak wrote at 2012-01-12 19:15:25
The code 620529 no longer works, I used 620528 and it does.  Just wanted to help those who are still needing this in 2012.

tony wrote at 2012-02-12 05:23:25
This system still works. The original code is right for the delco i put into my 93 geo. thanks

croz wrote at 2013-06-06 01:19:21
Just an FYI here it is 2013 and I have a chevy 2000 Blazer I did everything includiung the original dealer # and It worked like crazy....Thanks so much also important info on the post about 4 digit unlock numbers that begin with 0222 or another zero just use the last four numbers like minutes and hours disregard any previous zero's


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