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Chevrolet/Reset message center on 2001 impala


Teddy wrote at 2008-10-05 16:44:09

I just bought a 2001 Chevy Impala for my daughter 50K miles. I had the engine checked and oil changed before the the purchase...Everything check out ok. A month later the message center indicates, LOW COOLANT LEVEL and CHANGE OIL...The coolant level is fine and as I've said I had the oil and filter changed. I'm not about to pay a GM dealer hundreds of dollars to give me a bath. The manual states that the CHANGE OIL message can be reset by Turning the ignition ON, with the engine OFF. Then fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within 5 seconds. If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL  message flashes, the system is reset, if the message stays on then you need to repeat the procedure. I will be trying this today and I hope that it also resets the LOW COOLANT message.


Sid wrote at 2009-05-14 15:42:03
With the radio off press the button below the power button, I think it's the scan button, it's the same size and directly below the power button and hold it until a text message appears on the radio display. Then using the small rectangular buttons on the radio adjacent to the power button cycle through the list until you get to coolant and reset it. Otherwise check your oil level.

VDM wrote at 2010-07-30 19:54:09
To reset the lights you have to go through the stereo menu. Key in accessories (original deck only) have the radio off, press and hold display skim through with seek buttons and select whatever lights you want, will give you an option to reset lights.

Jami wrote at 2010-10-28 07:58:20
I tried to go thru the stero and did not find an option for the coolant.  Would appreciate any other suggestions.

lynn of wv wrote at 2010-12-01 14:02:57
I am having the same problem with "low coolant level" on my message center.  I haven't tried the gas pedal thing, but I will.  There isn't a reset option thru the stereo for the coolant level.  I have a 2001 impala and it is the little things that are driving me crazy.  1. my fuel gauge quit working so I have to watch my mileage 2. my #1 & #2 levels on my heating/cooling quit working 3. now the coolant message.   I am about ready to get rid of this thing.

kitten wrote at 2012-11-07 02:27:08
try changing you fuses for the coolant sensor if you have a fuse for it my dealership said its common for the sensor to either go out or the fuse to get burned out. i have a 2002 Monte Carlo


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