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Chevrolet Repair/1985 chevy s10 blazer speedo bounce


tom wrote at 2013-04-12 15:04:21
or the plastic gear inside the tail is worn in the middle (like mine) causing the teeth not to mesh and replacing the easily replaced gear (that the cable plugs into) will only  be a temp fix if it works at all you will need expansion ring pliers to remove the compression clip from behind the tail shaft rear bearing the rest can be removed easily with 13&15 mm sockets and a long extension after that its just finding a new gear reassemble and top off lost fluid.. ps you can test the guage/dial with a drill without taking the dash apart just be shure to make shure the cable is pushed in as far as it will go as it is a friction drive into the speed indicator/dial hope this helps you ps if you dont have a drill spin it with your fingers but you will need a freind to see if the dial moves but this method will not tell you if there is another problem like with the dial itself the drill is smooth in speed

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