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Matt wrote at 2014-02-07 02:07:40
I originally posted this question.

That wasn't the problem with my truck.

The timing chain had jumped a tooth.

Then a while after I posted this it jumped more, sheared the teeth off and all that goes with this.

Which I didn't know till I took it to a shop to have it fixed.

They told me it was good to go and they had test drove it and not ran perfect.

Before I got home straight from their shop, my oil pressure dove into the red from 40 and the truck died

When I tried to start it again the engine was knocking.

They didn't drive it long enough for the oil to get warm.

They also didn't drop my oil pan and clean it out.

So needless to say before I made it home the oil warmed up and thinned like it should and then the plastic coating from the teeth and chain sucked up into the screen of the oil pump, not letting oil get to everything else.

They called me after they towed it back and checked it out.

Explained that the plastic coating off the timing chain and teeth had sucked up and blocked the oil and said it destroyed my crankshaft, oil pump, the main bearing and seals and a few other things.

Then preceded to tell me it would cost me $1100 for them to fix it.

And basically claimed no responsibility and said that I said I wanted to do it as cheap as possible so they didn't clean it out because that would require them to pull the engine and would cost me a lot more.

Which what I said was "I don't want it to cost me an arm and a leg" not "as cheap as possible"

Basically I didn't want to spend a fortune on a $2500 truck.

But I told none of this to the owner of the shop..who also works there, and was the one that I talked to about everything to do with my truck being their and getting fixed by them, what was wrong the first time, and the second time.

So he didn't need to assume, should have asked me, and laid all the cards out on the table for what I should do and how much it would cost me.

Which is exactly what a couple master mechanics at two different shops told me he should have done.

As you never assume what some one wants, you directly ask them, and suggest what they should do.

And I wasn't trying to stiff them but I believed and still believe he should have admitted they didn't do what should have been done and they were the ones that caused my truck to destroy all of the parts.

I told him I felt I shouldn't have to pay for his mistake and he said I don't know if you think this is our fault but it's not and it's gonna be $1100

We argued for a bit and to try and take partial responsibility and work out a deal I said I'd buy the parts if he did the labor free because it was his fault.

He said no and that there was no way of knowing that when I was driving it when jt had jumped a tooth that it hadn't been screwing up the crankshaft and that there was no way that driving from his shop to where I broke down it could have destroyed the crankshaft.

Mind you it was 30minutes from his shop to where I broke down, with I'm guessing at least 20-25 of that the engine and crankshaft wasn't getting oil because of his mistake. I didn't feel right having to even pay for the parts but I was trying to work out an agreement because even though I knew he was wrong from the other mechanics telling me that it wouldn't have hurt it when I was driving, only when those pieces clogged the screen, I was trying to acknowledge that there was a very very slim chance that I could have done a little damage to it.

After a big argument with him, him get angry, I was calm the entire time but I didn't run him down or any of that, and me telling him well I guess you can put my truck back together and I'll haul it home

And them him saying no I'll put your engine and the parts in the bed of your truck and them you can take it home

He got mad and walked back into his shop and sent in a guy, that I know and am friends with, which is also his son in law, to talk to me.

He listened to what i told him the guy said and then what I had offered to do(paying for the parts and them doing the labor)

He sit there for a while and said I'll tell you what if you buy the parts I'll fix it on my lunch breaks and after work so it's not on his time and so there isn't a problem.

So now my truck is perfect.

But I will never take my business back to that owners shop ever again.

I'm 22 so he thought because I was young he could get me to pay the price and not realize it was his fault.

Needless to say just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm dumb, wrong is wrong.

And that was absolutely no way to properly do business.

If he would have either fixed it right the first time or at least took responsibility for his shops mistake I honestly would have still taken my business back to him and referred everyone to him.

But he lost future business with me and everyone I would have referred.

I won't go out of my way to talk bad about his business but I won't lie if some one asks me if I'd go there again or my experience there.

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