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hi mike,i have a 1998 chevy blazer  v6. the problem i am having is the egr valve keeps sticking. it is new and when i pull it off and look at it, at the pintle valve there is a piece of black stuff keeping the valve from closing. this stuff is hard as a rock. i remove it and it happens again about 2 to 3 days later..HELP, WHAT IS IT ??? and how do i fix it ??? second question i have for you is, both front tires are wearing on the inside edge. i have had  it aligned 3 times in the past and it keeps wearing tires..they tell me the toe is set ok and there is no adjustment for camber or caster..i know caster will not wear tires but camber will right.??? so if there is no camber adj what does one do...thank you in advance SCOTT.

Your first question may be fixed by using some injecter cleaner in your fuel and/or a oil change would do the trick anything thant can clean your intake 2nd question may be one of two things or both your wheel bearings and or your ball joints to check the joints is easy look at them and see if the rubber on the out side of the ball joints to see if the are tore of wore out the wheel bearing is also easy by jackin front up and wiggleing the wheel if theres alot of play your wheel bearing may need changed or tightened

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