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Chevrolet Repair/timimg on 01 4.3L vortec


My Haynes manual tells me to set TDC on #4 piston before removing the old timing chain and gears. I have never heard of this, I have always set #1 to TDC. My question is ... If this is correct "why" the book gives no explanation and if it is not correct then just wanted to make sure that can continue with the #1 @ TDC.

Thank you for your time, any light you can shed on this matter is greatly appreciated.


I recently had to do it my self with out a haynes manuel i set tdc at. And had zero problems i again didnt look at the haynes and also i was just setting the distributer not the timming chain it may have a little to do with the stroke of the motor and a lot to do with the roller rockers and cam and lifters a question im only guessing at im old school i would have set it at 1 anywayif you have any problems with the way haynes does it the best thing todo is to go with what you know

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