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Chevrolet Repair/fule problem


im workin on a 96 g 30 and it wont run on its own cold. It surges. The throttle body shoots extra shot of fule every couple seconds. Im baffeled. I put new plugs in new o2 sensor new CTS and a diferent 2
TPS and MAP sensors what else should i look for. My freind needs his van monday for work so i haveless than a day to fix. Also its a 96 but has obd 1 not obd2 conector so scanning is a /!!#  vin * 1GCGG35K6TF1O3432   and did i say im computer retard. Im doin this over my phone. So if u can post on the expert site also i may see it sooner. Thank you for your time. Carl

Dirty fuel filter or injecters thats all i can think of my c10 did the same the screen filter on my sending unit was getting very cloog because of dirty gas i had to remove the screen completly i go threw filters even after cleaning tank and everything but i had no other problems

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