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I have a 1988 nova 1.6 soc the problem is that if I park the car for one or two days the battery goes dead. How do I figure out what is draining the battery. The battery is new by the way, and the emergency brake and charge light go on the dash and stay on till the car warms up. If I disconnect the battery when I park it there is no problem so I figure it's not the alt. Any help will greatly appreciated.

There is an electrical drain most likely. Get a 12volt test light [One for checking continuity,no battery in it]. Remove positive battery lead from battery terminal. Clip alligator clip on your test light to the battery lead.stick probe in hole where positive battery lead screws into battery. be sure to make good contact. A balled up piece of foil stuffed in hole works ,stab it with t.l.. light should come on if there's a drain. If no light ,go around and open door ,now light should be on ,if not check contacts at t.l. Door open light on. Key out of ignition all car lights off ,glove box closed etc,test light should be off. yours probably is still on, on the test light. it's a process of elimination from hare.Access fuse block pull one fuse does test light go off? no? put that fuse back and move on to the next one,and again until the light goes out. If this doesn't work ,try pulling alternator plug,any aftermarket amps or other, should be checked, one by one, pulled from system, until light goes off. There are some things like clockand and phone charger  that draw a finite amount of current ,probably not enough to visibly light the test light ,so any light means there is a drain.Good luck.

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