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I have been working on my truck for a while. I am not an expert mechanic for sure. I had a water spewing out the top of the engine and thought it was a head gasket but ended up being a intake manifold gasket. My truck kept over heating and when that happened I parked it immediately and started working on it. Well I do believe we took off more stuff then we should have. Anyways I have replaced the timing chain, the gears for the timing chain, new distributor,  new plugs, radiator, water pump, and we got a repair kit for the throttle body. Had some real trouble getting the distributor in time but I believe we have it now because my truck will start right up. But the trouble I am having is that the engine is shaking alloy now and so does my truck. Seems Like its having a little miss. I put new spark plugs but not wires to see if that might fix it and it doea not seem to help. When I took it for a test drive the engine will rev up high when I give it gas but it has no power. Just kinda scooting. If u have any ideas what it could be I would be very greatful. Thanks

Check your firing order. be very sure it's right.Remember odds one side evens the other dist rotation ccw (i think).Be sure distributer is positioned (timed) correctly. You may have a vacuum leak,listen for it it would be apparent if it is still missing at higher RPMs.You may have done something wrong with the controles,ie that rebuild . Lastly, you may have installed the timing chain assembly off a tooth, the marks need to be at the closest point of each 's circle,to each other, you could have one sprocket roled off by one tooth. Firing order and this,one of these is my hunch, but check out other possibilities before timing chain.good luck Brandon.  

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