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I am replacing the valve lifters on a 1998 Z28 Camaro. It has an LS1 motor. The pistons are dirty can I use carb and choke cleaner to clean the pistons if not what should I get for a cleaner at advance or autozone. Thanks.

The lifters have wheels on the underside of them and they roll on the cam's profile. to change them does not in any way require the removal of the engines pistons.Are you rebuilding the engine? Do you mean the lifters, they are similar to a pistons. Either way it is fine to use brake cleaner and a good non metallic brush. The bk cl should leave no residue , but if you are concerned ,use paper towels to wipe down and if you have air, blow off. If lifters are what you're talking about ,soak overnight in motor oil to help purge air from them. If it's the engines pistons you need to do more than just clean them. you're rebuilding the engine I hope. That is more involved. Don't just clean them.

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