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Chevrolet Repair/white smoke and coolant coming from exhaust.


I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu 3100 sfi. I replaced the thermostat & water pump. but I have white smoke and coolant coming from my exhaust. It smells more like an overheated radiator then regular exhaust. I'm afraid it's a blown head and not just a head gasket but I don't know so any help would be most appreciated. thank you for you assistance.

The only way to know is to pull the offending head ,actually both heads and have checked at a reputable machine shop or buy the dye kit and check yourself. Unless it was really badly overheated ,from my experience with the 3100cc, you probably only
warped the head[s]. Be sure to check the valve to seat contact, A warped head will always alter the valve train geometry. Notate dis assembly thoroughly . take pictures too.  

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