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Hi I have not had time to get a fuel pressure gauge but now the car is getting worse. It is a 1992 Cadillac Deville. When I take a turn turning the wheel to the right the car acts like it is not getting any gas. When I finish the turn the car will not accelerate. I have to put my foot all the way down to the floor and after 3-5 seconds it kicks in and takes off. The car does not die it just acts like it does. It only happens with 5 or less gallons in the car. Today I changed the filter it was working a little better the reason I changed it was because I was going 60 on the highway and when I floor it it acts like it was hesitating it would not take off. So now after I changed it it did all right. Now when I come to a stop light it dies I have to put it in park and restart it. It takes a few seconds before it starts. I am not sure what is going on. Any ideas. I was wondering if it could be the fuel pump because it has never been changed but I need to buy a fuel pressure gauge and I guess start their. Any suggestions. Thanks. Off it has a full tank of gas all the way to 6 gallons it does not act up. It only happens when I hit 5 gallons.

From what your Caddy's symptoms are along with the minor improvement after the filter change, I would be inclined to think your fuel pump is starting to fail. If I were a gambling man I would be all in, and get that pump ,cheap and online,drain that tank,drop it, and replace it, and omit the gauge part. What I am implying is most likely (80%chance) a new fuel pump will fix your Caddy's woes. Shop around for pump, they can get expensive if you don't. Same goes with the labor if you're not doing it yourself. If you are, just be mindful that it's gasoline you are dealing with. Get it as close to empty as you can. A gallon or two should be handle able. Your electrical connections should be scrutinized while the pump assembly is out,because they can have a tendency to build up resistance and cause a similar problem. Good luck with this one. This should do it.  

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