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1990 chevy g20 van. Sometimes the van starts up no problems. Once in a while which is becoming more frequent, the van turns over like it's going to start but it does not and after turning the key back the starter is still tryin to lite the motor off even with out the key in the ignition. I figured the starter was sticking so I gave it a whack with the hammer and it stopped and then started just fine. Well the problem is persisting. I figured bad starter selenoid but wonder if it was a relay or similar. Before dropping the starter and replacing it.

I believe that if a relay were sticking ,that you tapping on the starter motor would not have any effect and it would keep cranking. I have seen starter solenoids do this. I am not saying that this is the culprit.Have someone turn the engine over while you have a test light on purple {smaller of two} wire at starter solenoid from underneath. If problem repeats itself and the light is not lit, then your solenoid is the problem.Replace the starter.The no start and your problem with the starter may or may not be related. Begin by checking tour fuel pressure at engine .Make sure you have adequate pressure to run engine. you could also pour about half a shot glass of gas into the throat of the intake and try cranking it. If it fires up ,during on of these no start episodes then you have two issues most likely one is fuel delivery and ia a good chance it is a fuel pump.o'\/+*--

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