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The passenger side mirror on my 2008 Malibu LTZ cracked. I ordered a replacement, but I'm not sure how to do it. Is it a simple process to replace the glass? Thanks for your time.

   Grasp the mirror face firmly with a protective glove on your hand, and pull it from the mirror body.
 To remove the two adjusting fasteners from the back of the mirror case bend them over and press down on the side of the them popping them from the mirror glass case.Save the fasteners for reinstallation to the mirror motor.The fastener's springs must be positioned on the fingers, opposite the ball end, to compress the fingers,    Push the adjustable couplers into the mirror motor.Rotate them to position the ball flanges to be inline with the attaching hub of the mirror. They will then be correctly positioned to the mirror face.
   With the palm of your gloved hand, press firmly on the center of the glass until the case seats onto the motor.
   With the palm of you gloved hand pivot the mirror face to engage the couplers. They  will give a clicking noise when properly seated. Check the mirror operation . That should do it.  

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