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Hi Daniel,
I have a 2005 Chevy Uplander and I am getting a scraping sound from the front left wheel.  It was making the same sound a year ago from both sides so I assumed that it was the brake dust shield that maybe had gotten bent from ice and snow collecting.  Happens on my Nissan all the time.  Bend it back and fine.  Not the same on the Uplander.  I didn't see this metal piece touching.  I checked the brake pads last year and they were fine.  Changed the rotors and the noise was gone.  This years it's back on one side.  Seems to happen once the brakes warm, but doesn't sound like a bearing's a scraping noise.  Just wondering if you have any thoughts on it?  It comes and goes and is more pronounced when turning.  If you are going straight it goes away until you turn the wheel a bit.  Any tips would be great.

If your are sure that the noise is indeed coming from the left front wheel area then it's most likely a wheel bearing or hub bearing to be more accurate, or it's the brake rotor making contact with bent tin.I am more inclined to think a bearing is starting to fail. There should be zero play in the bearing.If you are hearing it when you go around turns and only after it has been driven and warmed up, this would indicate that it's out of specification and is allowing the wheel and rotor to shift laterally and make contact.There inherently going to be a minimal amount of lateral play from the flexibility of the assembly, but not enough so as to make contact with the tin. That being said, before you attack the bearing be sure you have found abrasions on the metal from the rotor, because if you don't your problem is something else. if I were you ,I'd e jack it up and try rocking the wheel to see if there's any bearing play and turn it to listen and feel for any bearing roughness.Remove that wheel.Look for any brake hardware that may be broken or loose ie anti-rattle hardware ,mounting hardware etc. Remove the caliper and it's anchoring bracket and rotor, and look for wear marks that could be hidden behind the rotor, and be sure the tin is not just bent or loose, just that you couldn't see it with the wheel and rotor in the way. Best of luck. Hope  this produces a fix.  

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