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driver window on 2001 once it goes all the window goes all the way to the bottom you must shut off ignition and crank up the engine and window will go back up no other windows are affected thanks for your time

Well if all the other windows work right then it must be either in the switch at that window ,or that window motor. Power is supplied to windows so that opposite corners are on same circuit . Regardless of what window shares the same circuit as the offending one , knowing that that window is working properly, tells me that the bad one is most likely being fed 12 volts at it's switch(check to be sure). It comes down to the switch or the moto. If the panel is off  the easiest way to check motor is to disconnect the plug from the motor and use a volt meter attach-the red lead to one of the two wires in that electrical plug(wire side)and the other to the neighboring wire .voltmeter on volts . Key on should be zero volts with switch untoggled.Toggle to up .You should see a either plus or minus twelve volts on the meter. Toggle in the opposite direction and you should see      just the opposite of your original voltage reading: So if you get say,something near minus 12volts on first toggling you should get around positive 12v when toggled the opposite . If you arend seeing this ,then your motor is not being given a good ground or power both are supplied by the switch.On the motor itself where the cavity is to receive the electrical plug ,you could attach a ground to one and power to the other and it should go up or down or make a thud noise . if you reverse the wires it should go up or down,if it made a thud earlier. reverse again and it should go up or down again, as long as it is in the middle of its travel,if it does not you need a window motor. I believe they call it a window module on these cars and because they include much of the doors inner skin(sheet metal) they are expensive which does not speak well of GM . A really questionable move ethically on their part. It unfortunately is what it is.good luck. One other thing, if motor is working with this test ,before condemning the switch make sure that 12v and ground are available to it. If your are missing one of these sources check wiring for an open upstream.

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