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Chevrolet Repair/2009 Chevy Cobalt - need to prioritize repairs


Thanks for responding to my question. Ok. This is the situation with the car.

The check engine light is on & when I took it to Advanced Auto, they said there were multiple codes, but all of the bounced back to the Cam position sensor and the Mass airflow sensor. The car sounds like the muffler needs to be replaced and there's a bit of a smell if you don't are the recycled air button pushed in.  I do know that the cabin air filter needs to be changed also, it is filthy-dirty.

Service Tire Monitor - shows on the dash. I'm pretty sure this is because of the front struts needing to be replaced, because the car doesn't read the air pressure in one of the front tires. It was in January when they told us that the front struts needed to be replaced. We were getting odd sounds and they told us it was 2 things, the front brakes & the front struts. The repair for the front struts is about $800, parts & labor. The car is starting to shimmy just a little bit.

I only work part-time as I am disabled enough that it affects my functioning & job performance, but not disabled enough to qualify for assistance. I am not sure how much the other 2 repairs would be or if that's real problem. The internet said that if the vacuum hoses were leaking then one of those sensors would also show the airflow code. I need to know if you were talking to your Mom or sister, which of these things needs to be addressed 1st, 2nd, 3rd. And whether or not the dealership is the best place for any of these repairs. Please let me know anything that I should consider. Thank you again for taking the time to answer my question. Take care and I am very appreciative of the time & commitment you've.

I hope this is not to much to throw all at once. I have procrastinated about this for too long. But I am working on gentle assertiveness and rebuilding, so I am seeking wise council. I look forward to your response.

Hello Christine,
I apologize for the long wait. Somehow I didn't receive your question. I have it now. So let me help you. A lot of people don't realize that advance and autozone just read the codes. They do not "diagnose" the problem. So basically they are guessing. I need the list of codes in the order they show up. As far as your front suspension goes. The struts will not cause your service tire monitor to come on. Chevy's sometime will have to have the sensor withing the tire reset. You can clan the mass air flow sensor. It is in the air tube that goes to the air box. If I didn't answer something please feel free to ask again. I appoligize again for not receiving your question. Please let me know. Thanks again.

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