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Hi Jeff.  Thank you for your service. I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado with 250,000 miles. It has been an amazing truck and I have had to have few repairs over the last decade. It is however, getting old. Yesterday morning, when I started the truck- a large amount of white smoke billowed out of the exhaust. I allowed the truck to run for about 5 minutes and it continued. Although it settled, the first half for the day, a small amount continued. The following day it wasn’t noncable but I could still remotely smell it. The temp and oil pressure gages have been normal. The oil level is normal AND the oil appears normal in texture, ect. The coolant does not appear to have lowered ( if it has, it has been very insignificant). Any idea what could cause the sudden burst of white billowing smoke form the exhaust? It was the first time it had happened to my knowledge

Hi Slayde,
Does the exhaust put out liquid? It could be a leak in the intake gasket. It will cause coolant to seep into the exhaust but will take awhile to drop the level. Does your exhaust smell like antifreeze? Please let me know. Thank you for the question.

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