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Chevrolet Repair/Replacing a 1992 Chevy Silverado 1500 fuel pump


Herman Wandall wrote at 2008-09-18 21:05:58
I just had the same problem with my 92. I would have to add fuel to the carb to start then it would run fine. come to find out the tps sensor on the throttle body was bad. $30. I replaced it and it was good to go.

Alan wrote at 2008-10-20 20:11:42
Hey thanks alot, I took the bed off of my 92 and went to check all the thing's you listed it could be, Found out it was the Rubber hose inside the tank connected to / but  sit's above the fuel pump, it had a hole in the side, I replaced it and the pump anyway and its running like a champ again. Thanks.

CHEVY STAR CRAFT TK wrote at 2009-04-05 23:24:40

Darrin wrote at 2009-09-25 14:29:32
Van, PERFECT solution process! Your solution, posted to Laura, was right on the money for me as well. Followed your steps of isolating the problem which lead to determining the fuel pump not running. After banging on the bottom of the tank, fuel pump began to run and engine started with no problem. Will have to drop the tank to determine the specific issue, ie. fuel pump itself or wiring to it. Thanks for your help, took only 30 minutes to isolate to above mentioned problem. Thanks again.

Matt wrote at 2012-07-20 02:57:38
Van, my thanks to you! My son's 1992 Silverado seemed to have enough fuel to run, but under acceleration, was very slow to accelerate/gain power. I followed your advice to Laura, and found a split in the rubber hose on the fuel pump. Since I went through the work to remove the truck bed, I decided to replace the pump as well. The truck runs like it is supposed to.  Again, thank you.

Tony56 wrote at 2013-03-07 14:17:12
I had all of the above and did all of the above on a '91 Z71 1500. Replaced fuse but would blow as fast as I put it in. Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, relay. Making a long story short...EGR valve wire had come disconnected and dropped down on manifold burning through insulation and an instant short.

All of the above is excellent info...I followed the instructions to the bit by automotive electrician told me to check the EGR valve wire..

anthony silvia wrote at 2015-09-19 20:07:36
I just wanna say thank you. Been running back yard diagnostics for about 6 hours traced every Wire fuze and relay involved wastead to rip my bed off ad throw new fuel pump in figured id give one more go at research and fell upon this very effective answer I was able to bybass my relay wth jump wire from power to were fuel pump fuze is on fire wall heard the buzz!! Started right up disconnected jump wire plugged fuze back in and now it works... Word makes me feel like there's a hidden issue somewhere but she's workin fine now thanks again

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