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I am excited to move to Chicago but I don't much about the area. I do have a few things I am looking for in deciding where exactly to move, and I hope you can tell me which area is best for me.
I am so glad that Chicago offers public transportation, and also amenities in walking distance. I am a Phlebotomist so I would love to be as close to a hospital or major medical center as possible, but I would also like to be close to my gym. They have 2 locations
(1) Chicago West Loop - 1325 West Randolph
(2) Lincoln Park - 2215 N Halsted
I tried to figure it out on my own but it's really hard. I am hoping you can tell me which area out of
* City of Chicago
* North Chicagoland
*West Chicagoland
*South Chicagoland
is the closet to either gym location and a hospital or medical center. I was told by some friends that you can find apartments, gyms, and hospitals all down or around the same blocks where everything is 10 to 15 minutes walking distance... Do you know which one of the 2 locations is closest to a hospital and what the area I should Google or craigslist to search for apartments?
Thank You So Much!!! :D

I forgot to add this to my last response so here it goes there are lots of gyms in the area mostly private owned. If you are by Taylor Street you are near Formula Fitness on Roosevelt and other gyms are located up north since I don't see a lot of them in the West Loop neighborhood and I would be wary of getting a place there rent is rather high and has increased over the last few years. If you rent a place consider a roommate to help you with rent and make sure it's someone you can live with and also who have the same kind of lifestyle you live so there's no conflict. Planet Fitness is a great gym to go to just go to their website and find a location near where you're looking at living. Lincoln Park is a nice area to live in and you may want to research carefully because certain streets and intersections rent is pretty high. Halsted Street is one of them so again spend a lot of time researching apartments and sending out emails or making a lot of phone calls. You're near several public transportation stops along Halsted from Armitage, Wellington(nearby hospital is Advocate IL Masonic Medical Center), Fullerton, Addison(Wrigleyville), Sheridan, and Wilson (nearby stores is Target and Aldi's grocery store). Some things are within 10 minutes walking distance and up on the north side everyone is either walking, using bikes, or PT because having a car is not going to do you any good because of the issues with parking up that way. As stated in my intial response to you is to look for a place that has their own lot so you can leave your car there and only use it when you need to.


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